CreonTech is a provider of innovative consulting, and technology. We pride ourselves on delivering quality and value addition to our customers thereby exceeding their expectations. We understand industry needs and deliver solutions that leverage the process knowledge of our consultants. The company has niche strengths in building and managing a Business Oriented IT environment with rich experience in technology incubation, Product engineering, ERP Solutions, Business intelligence, Data Management, SOA Consulting, CRM Consulting.

CreonTech provides

Turn-key IT solutions. We build decision support systems that enable companies to make informed decisions.

Professional services in wide-range of IT application landscapes.
IT Services in end-to-end Enterprise Data Management CreonTech is a privately owned firm with extensive experience in Information Technology. Our team has more than a decade experience in various aspects of IT Services including Software Development, Process Management, Human Resources etc. Strong conviction in providing quality, guaranteed and cost effective IT Services to customers has prompted in inception of CreonTech.

CreonTech is located in Memphis, TN with offices in India. It serves companies from US, India and other parts of the globe


Accelerate innovation
New delivery models for products and services are also an imperative to accelerate innovative software. Innovations in this realm will help ensure top-line growth; not only for High Tech companies but also for the customers they serve.
These frameworks are fully integrated and encompass the complete lifecycle of delivering and managing various methodology and processes. Each of these benchmarks has four key components – Solution Engineering, Methodology, Delivery, and Quality management.
The following pictorial provides a snapshot of various constituents of a framework
1. Solution Engineering
Process/work flow/data models
Standards and guidelines
Best Industry practices
Design and development
2. Methodologies
Strategic opportunity assessment
IT Strategy definition
Requirements management
Systems integration
Organizational transformation
3. Delivery management
Program management
Operational model
Communication management
4. Quality Management
Quality assurance
Quality control
Defect tracking
Metric collection
Process improvement
Core Values
The principle value system at CreonTech is fostering trust. CreonTech believes that this core values can be instilled and nurtured through our core value system.
They are.
This Tree of qualities form the foundation of CreonTech and each member that joins CreonTech is assessed on their alignment with these qualities. Every new venture and offering at CreonTech is pursued with a commitment with this Tree of core values.
Our Differentiators
CreonTech will be the preferred global provider of technical, project and operational support services to our customers, using the distinctive CreonTech culture to create value for our clients and prosperity for our people.
Our Value Proposition
Our value proposition is based on our:
Our business model - Our business model is based on being flexible, responsive and entrepreneurial in meeting our clients’ needs locally.
Our focus is on value rather than cost.  We endeavor to respond to individual client’s needs by offering pricing structures that are aligned to the way the client wishes to purchase services and clearly demonstrate value.

We take the time to thoroughly understand our clients’ business situation and seek to develop strong long-term working relationships.
Our delivery approach - Our delivery model is built on the premise that service delivery is best managed in close consultation with, and in proximity to, the client while accessing and taking advantage of a highly efficient and cost effective resources and expertise available through CreonTech.
Industry and business applications expertise - we work closely with clients to design, develop and implement flexible solutions that address the unique needs of a client’s business and industry. Our industry and business applications knowledge is at the heart of our expertise.
We have developed specialist skills in major industries notably:
Financial Services
Government and Agencies
Medical Systems
Our Intellectual Property - Our intellectual property resides with our biggest asset - the skills of our people.  We invest significant effort in recruiting and retaining professional staff of the very highest quality.  Comprehensive staff development at all levels within our organization is an important element of our philosophy.


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