Business Process Engineering

Companies must focus on strategic goals and core competencies. At the same time, ongoing changes in the business, technical and legal environments are adding complexity and effort to administering your business processes. Striking the right balance between in-sourcing and outsourcing is of paramount importance.

CREONTECH’s core competence lies in developing and implementing optimal business process outsourcing strategies. We apply our knowledge of best-in-class technologies and business processes to transform the way your company delivers vital services. However, we also add value through our expertise with information systems, advanced analytics, contact centers, knowledge management, relocation services, and more. CREONTECH provides improved, integrated processes for the sourcing of business process outsourcing services that will positively impact your culture and environment.

With CREONTECH, you achieve:

Improved business processes

CREONTECH can improve your business processes using our best-practices; industry experience; a combination of business, technical and legal perspectives; and a robust array of proprietary and standards-based methodologies. We can assist you to design optimal new processes (evaluated using our Total Cost of Ownership model) and to streamline and automate your processes to increase the efficiency and accuracy of your most time- and labor-intensive functions.

Get a handle on operating costs

Providing better service to your employees and your customers doesn't have to mean costs soaring out of control. Our processes, best-practices methodologies and sourcing strategies can enable you to actually reduce costs while providing more features and functions at a higher quality of service.

Strengthen your communications

Your personnel will appreciate the higher quality of service. CREONTECH processes and best-practices methodologies enable you to communicate new programs, benefits, and policies much more efficiently.

Focus on what matters most

The CREONTECH Approach allows you to focus on your core business and core competencies while CREONTECH evaluates the best possible alternatives and works with you to develop the best IT strategies using the right balance of in-sourcing and outsourcing.

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