ERP Integration and Performance Management

Maximize value and minimize cost with CREONTECH’s ERP Integration services and expertise. With powerful and integrated solutions for IT governance, management and security, CREONTECH enables you to:

Make better decisions about where to invest precious resources
Ensure services are delivered at the right cost and quality
Provide secure access for your employees and customers
Ensure the performance of critical composite applications by gaining visibility into how end-user experience impacts business success. Application Performance Management monitors every production transaction — from the end-user to back-end systems — enabling proactive problem identification and quick incident triage. CREONTECH’s Performance management services provide the following key benefits:

Improve service quality and customer satisfaction
Reduce downtime and increase throughout
Because your success depends on the performance of today's SOA-based Web applications, you need an application management solution that can help you:

Monitor SLAs in real time and detect violations
Understand the nature, severity and business impact of incidents
Rapidly triage performance issues and assign the fix
Diagnose the root cause of problems and remediate them fast
Our application management solution helps you:

React immediately to performance issues before end users are affected
Monitor every transaction in real time and detect problems quickly
Understand the business impact of problems and fix them quickly
CREONTECH's Application Performance Management delivers:

A comprehensive solution based on proven technology
Platform independence that supports today's SOA-based technologies such as J2EE, .NET, Web services, enterprise Portals and more
Consulting and education services with unparalleled expertise in deploying and managing large-scale, enterprise-class Web applications

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