Our iPhone game development process starts with the game concept discussed by our team of expert developers keeping in mind the core idea provided by the client. Our game developers then mature the idea and fine tune it to create the foundation of a successful game. This is then discussed with the client and finalized and the idea moves into production, where our award winning designers start working on the graphics and highly experienced iPhone game developers start coding the game. All games developed by Delonix goes through a series of stringent quality analysis conducted by our in-house QA team and any possible glitches are ironed out before presenting to the client.

While understanding of the technical development is extremely necessary for any and every app development, iPhone game development requires a little more than the basic technicalities like iPhone SDK, Cocoa Touch / Objective C, OpenGL ES and Xcode IDE. Our iPhone game developers make use of all the advanced features like gyroscope, proximity sensor, accelerometer that can make any game much more interactive and interesting.

Our success in game development is self evident from the fact that our games have been hitting the top 10 charts in the iTunes store consistently. This has given lot of commercial success to our clients and at the same time helped us to have a much better understanding of the appstore dynamics.

We are always super excited to discuss game ideas. If you have a game idea, get in touch with our experts and we will work with you on developing the concept further and also offer a FREE quote for developing the game for iPhone.


Android has seen exponential growth in terms of market penetration and so has been the growth of Android game development. We have realized the potential of Android OS and our android game developers have been keeping reasonably busy developing interesting Android games. Besides being extremely sound with the technicalities of Android game development, our game developers get the complete support of our award winning graphics design team and in-house QA team to develop the best in class Android games.

One of the major challenges of android development is the varied devices with a wide variety of screen sizes. Our Android game developers have managed to tackle these issues with expertise and deliver games that are entertaining and addictive to end users.

If you are looking to hire a team of android game developer to give shape to your game idea, get in touch with us. We will be happy to provide a FREE quote for


Apple's iconic devices, iPad and iPad 2 has revolutionized the concept of mobile gaming and has marvellously augmented the gaming experience through its rich list of features, incredible functionalities and awe-inspiring form factor. However, developing games for an iPad is not simple. The game needs to be built deploying avant-garde technology, advanced tools well supported with out-of-the-box thinking to completely optimize the iPad gaming experience. Our highly experienced and expert teams of iPad game developers have comprehensive knowledge of the device and technical prowess to leverage the exclusive features of iPad and absolute expertise over the iPad game development process to create rich, adrenaline-rushing games.

Our iPad game development team specializes in developing exciting and spellbinding games by perfectly blending creativity and competency with the functionalities of an iPad. And, they are expert in creating all genres of games including puzzle games, arcade games, social games, action, adventure and RPG games. Games powered with high-quality graphics, excellent design, exciting game play using select iPad sensors such as accelerometer, gyroscope etc., to provide users the ultimate experience in gaming and ensuring commercial success for you.

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